Spending NYE alone.

Grandma said that the way you spend New Years is the way you will spend the rest of the year.  

I need to be by myself and to sit with silence.  I need to understand and to feel.  I need to live by my own constitution even if it’s different than everyone else around me.  I need to access strength that I know I have.  It’s all there, I know it. 

I’ll be alone this New Years because I have a lot of work to do.  

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For you, a thousand splendid suns.

It’s been a while since I last posted.  Last quarter was extremely stressful and Tumblr was a distraction away from my studies.  I forgot how beautiful it was — how nourishing and inspiring it could be!  (That’s kudos to you, the beautiful people I’m following <3)  It would have probably done me some good through those long nights of school work.

Finally though, I can say that I’m done with my Undergraduate chapter.  I’ve graduated with my B.S in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.  More importantly, I’ve had an amazing 4 or 5 years (depending on if you count my year on hiatus) filled with the happiest moments and experiences of my life so far and with the most loving and caring group of friends anyone could ask for.

 I learned to speak with my soul through my dance and art…anyone who knew me before college (including myself) would never have guessed I would be dancing!  I was fortunate enough to work with and learn from talented choreographers and pioneers in movement.  I painted with world renowned artist who helped me understand painting as a Universal Language and not just aesthetics.  I learned to get over my stage-fright and perform on grand stages like the Mondavi.  Through this, I learned to strengthen the connection between my mind, my physical body, and my spirit.  

I let my walls come down and forgave my past.  I no longer cry or feel sorrow when I think back to the abuse and many nights I wished I wouldn’t wake to see the next day.  I am stronger now.  Without my walls, I gave and received the love I always felt was missing.  I fell in love and I had my heart-broken.  I learned to love still.  

I was no longer crippled by my inhibitions and my ego.  I’m experiencing and learning every day because I know that there is always something to appreciate.  There truly is, beauty all around us all the time, you just have to believe it.  I don’t need to be in college or another country to know this.  

I have no regrets.  I am excited for what’s to come because I know that my past has given me everything I will need to live it happily and fully.  

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Long break from tumblr…

will update soon. 

Hope everyone has been well <3

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Tumbledown & me | davensuze

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HAHAHA! Go to sleep!!

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"Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful."

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i want this.

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“We are not responsible for our oppression but we must be responsible for our own liberation” - #audrelorde #quote #WoC

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